Click here for Disability Rights in Texas Supported Decision-Making - Find resources, handouts and links to support your decision making process. 

Click Here for the Texas Guide to Adult Guardianship InformationA Texas Guide to Adult Guardianship With this guide, gain a better understanding of the ins and outs of guardianship. This guide will help answer these questions:

  • What is guardianship?
  • What can guardianship do and how will it help?
  • What are the limitations of guardianship?
  • What are the alternatives to guardianship?
  • Who can be a guardian?                                                                                                                              


Click Here for The Right to Make Choices/Guardianship  The Right to Make Choices: A Supported Decision-Making Toolkit for People with Disabilities and Their Supporters. Who Can Use this Tool Kit? A range of people may be involved in supporting a person with a disability to make his or her own decisions and develop his or her knowledge, skills and confidence to make decisions. This toolkit is designed to help

 • A person with a disability who wants support to make decisions • A supporter who provides decision-making support to a person with a disability • Family members who want to better understand supported decision-making and other alternatives to guardianship

• Legal and educational professionals and service providers who work with people with disabilities and their supporters.